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read more Hand Texture Strategy in Post-Flop Poker
Hand texture differentiation in post-flop poker is important. This helps us decide quickly what effective post-flop poker strategy to play next.

read more Board-Reading in Post-Flop Poker
It is important to flop strong cards to have a good post-flop poker play. Post-flop poker is better aided with good flop or board reading.

Post Flop Poker: The Real Key to Winning

Most advices in winning poker have to do with selecting strong hands pre-flop. But here's another key to winning: concentrate on the post-flop poker play.

It's really how we play our strong pre-flop hands at post-flop stage that decides our winning odds. So question is, how do we know good section of hands post-flop? Of course, everything begins with our two-card hand pre-flop. But on the flop play is inevitable most times and we have to consider our hand play at this stage. Then there's the turn and the river where anything can happen because it is here that many players see the overall play and start raising aggressively.

And the excitement on the turn and riverwhere the play usually turn tables aroundreally begins after the flop is turned and revealed. It is here, many poker veterans say, where we should pour all our efforts at winning at poker. At post-flop play, we get a clearer idea of the overall play. It is here we must be more watchful of the game development and have a hand-read of the other players.

We have to develop the skill of hand-reading our opponents post-flop. This takes some time to achieve. Hand-reading post-flop helps us weigh where we stand at the moment of the game. It is on this phase of the game that we are better able to assess the possible hands of other players, their play quality, the advantages of our position, the pot odds, and the progress since our pre-flop hand. All these taken together are our overall hand-read on our poker situation. And post-flop, these readings are more realistic.

For instance, holding an ace high hand. This hand does not have much chance when we're talking of multi-way pots. But we may opt to hold on to it if other players have proven weak with their plays even post-flop. Had they improved their play post-flop we had better folded our hand. But since they haven't we may expect much on the river when we're having a heads-up play to the pot. On the river some player may challenge us with their bluffs, but we may face them with an ace high hand. But if should also caution not to be too confident with it. Hence, we must always weigh things at post-flop.

Strong pre-flop hand choice is confirmed post-flop. Post-flop is where we see more of the poker picture in front of us and where we see the worth of our activities pre-flop.

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